Adrenalan’s vision is based on providing our clients with the independent advice they need to enhance their business, with a focus on information, identity & business intent.

Coverage of Information, Identity & Intent

So, what are these three ‘I’s – Information, Identity & Intent – and how do they help our clients focus on their business? Let’s start with some definitions:


Information is the core ‘what’ that most businesses are made of. This is not only your classic information assets such as customer records databases and payroll but also Intellectual Property (what would your competitors most want to take from you?) and key business processes that underpin how you work. Do you know what your most critical assets really are?


Identity is the ‘who’ in and around your business. It’s no longer enough to know your staff and your customers but each and every entity that interacts with you is a ‘who’ that needs to be on your business radar. Partnering companies (and their staff), sub-contractors, customers, (current and previous) staff, bankers, accountants, lawyers… if you interact with someone or something, you need to know who or what it is and how you plan to allow for that interaction.


A business’s intent can be far more basic than a ‘vision’ or a ‘strategy’, it forms the most core ‘why’ that drives the business. Do you know why you do what you do? Do your vision, strategy and delivery actually match your business’ intent?